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How can I obtain the tax certificate for bonds issued by Cementos Argos?

You can contact the Cementos Argos supplier service directly by two means:

  1. National free line: 018000510190
  2. Send email to (keep in mind to include the investor’s full name, ID number and the type of title held)
How can I obtain the Cementos Argos share tax certificate?

To obtain your tax certificate, you have the following alternatives:

  1. You can generate it through the “TAX CERTIFICATE” option in the “INVESTOR SERVICES” section of the Cementos Argos Investor Relations page, for whic you will need  your identification number and DECEVAL account number to download the certificate. For this option please follow the following link.
  2. You can directly contact Shareholders Service – Deceval, at any of the following telephone numbers or email:

Bogotá: (571) 307 7121

Resto del país: 01 8000 111 901

How can I buy shares ofCementos Argos?

There are two  ways to acquire our shares (both ordinary and preferred):

1. In Colombia, in the secondary market through Stock Market Brokerage Firms authorized by the Colombian Financial Superintendency (no direct purchase is handled with Cementos Argos). Under the trading guidelines in this secondary market there is no specific minimum amount, and the management of purchase and sale operations will depend on the conditions defined by each commission agent. There is no minimum amount that must be acquired, and the management of purchase and sale operations will depend on the conditions defined by each commission agent.

To review the information of all entities of this type that exist in Colombia, you can go to the website of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia at the following link.

In this site look for the option “Download the file in Excel format” and look for these entities on pages 20 and 21 of the list, in the column “Name of the Competent Authority” under the name: “Authority for Securities Intermediaries and Other Agents”.

With this information you can contact the entity of your choice and receive all the commercial advice to be able to acquire our shares.

2. Internationally, through our ADR (American Depositary Receipts) program that we manage through Bank of New York Mellon, for which we share the following contact information

Michael Vexler

Relationship Manager – BNY Mellon – Depositary Receipts

Tel. +1 212 815 2838

In addition to all the information that can be provided commercially by the broker of your choice, there is no stock, ordinary or preferred, that is considered with higher or lower profitability and this basically depends on the dynamics of the stock market based on the fundamentals of the company, local and international economic factors, among others. In terms of risk level there is no specific difference, since it is the same company (Cementos Argos).

The price of the shares can be consulted for the day it is required on the site of the company.


Where are dividends appropriated?

There are three options for the payment of dividends:

1. Payment in account: This is done through the filing of a new dividend payment through the F-324- New dividend payment form, which must be downloaded from the web portal: in the link instructive forms and bulletins/shareholder forms:

Below are some points to take into account:
– The bank account to be registered must be in the name of the investor, it is not possible to register bank accounts of third parties (in the case of a legal entity, the account must be in the name of the company, not the legal representative).
– Original bank certification in the name of the investor issued by the bank must be attached.
– The form must have the signature and content acknowledged by a notary public.
– The form must be filled out in its entirety, including the issuer of the shares (point 1, as follows: Cementos Argos).
– Please note that this process is carried out with the investments in which Deceval is your direct depositor, in case your investment is managed by stockbrokers we suggest you to make such management before them.

This documentation must be filed at any of our offices located in:
– Bogota: Calle 24 A 59-42 tower 3 floor 6 Argos building, Ciudad Salitre neighborhood.
– Medellin: Carrera 43 A 1 – 50 tower 3 L- 301 San Fernando Plaza

For any additional information you can contact us through the following channels:
– National toll free number 01 8000 111 901
– Bogotá at 3139000 – Medellín 311 7383

2. Cash or check: It is paid in cash or check for those who have not registered an account, but in the form F-324- New for the payment of dividends, you can cancel the account for the payment of dividends, and that the payment is made over the counter or the mechanism that the issuer provides if it is not a bank account.

3. Through a commission agent: If your investments are managed directly by stockbrokers, we suggest that you make such arrangements with them.

What is the difference between Grupo Argos and Cementos Argos?

Cementos Argos is a multidomestic organization, producer and commercializer of cement, concrete and aggregates with operations in countries such as Colombia, Panama, the United States, among others.

Grupo Argos is an investment holding company with interests in infrastructure, energy and other businesses. Grupo Argos is currently the majority shareholder of Cementos Argos with an equity interest of approximately 58%.

When are dividends paid?

The Shareholders’ Meeting appropves the different porfit distriburion porjetcs for common and preferred share.

For more information on the upcoming dividend payments, please follow this link.