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Shareholding Structure

Common Share

Cementos Argos has, as of the close of May 3, a total of 1,322,314,765 common shares in circulation, representing 99.96% of the total shares in circulation. The following chart details the ownership breakdown by type of shareholder for the ordinary shares:

Preferred Share

As of December 32st, 2023, Cementos Argos has a total of 208.373.915 preferred shares outstanding owned by 9.382 shareholders.

Cementos Argos is part of a business group whose parent company is Grupo Argos S.A., a leading infrastructure holding company in the American continent. For more information about Grupo Argos, you can visit

Common Share
Shares outstanding 1.322.314.765
Shares repurchased 86.580.184
Nominal value (COP) $ 416
Stocks in reserve 56.747.833