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Subsidiary Companies

Cementos Argos develops its businesses through a series of subsidiary companies that make up a complex corporate structure. Below is a chart that presents the current structure. This chart has been simplified to show only the main companies through which businesses are developed and it does not include all of the subsidiaries in which the Company has equity stake.

Company Participation
Corporaciones e Inversiones del mar Caribe S.A.S. 100%
Haití Cement Holdings S.A. 100%
Transatlantic Cement Carriers INC. 100%
Venezuela Ports Company S.A. 100%
Zona Franca Argos  S.A.S. 100%
American Cement Terminals LLC 100%
Valle Cement Investments LTD. 91,81%
Cimenterie Nationale S.E.M. – CINA 65%
Surcol Houndstremaatschappij N.V. 50%
Vensur N.V. 42,12%
Argos Usvi Corp 100%
Argos Guyanne S.A.S 100%
Argos San Juan Corp 60%
Argos Puerto Rico Trading 60%
Argos Ports (Wilmington) LLC 100%
Cement and Mining Engeneering INC 100%
Argos Sem S.A 100%
Argos St. Marteen N.V. 100%
Wetvan Overseas LTD 60%
CI del Mar Caribe (BVI) INC. 99,97%
Concretos Argos S.A. 99,45%
Argos (Dominica) LTD. 100%
Transportes Elman LTDA- EN LIQUIDACIÓN 98,75%
Logística de Transporte S.A. 99,99%
Fiduciria Croficolombiana S.A. Fideicomiso Gaseosas Lux 100%
American Cement Terminals Trust 100%
Argos Honduras, S.A. de C.V. Consolidated 53,29%
Cementos Argos Company Ltd 100%
Argos Panamá S.A, y subsidiarias 78,59%
Concreto S.A 78,44%
Terminal Granelera Bahía las Minas S.A 78,44%
Argos Dominicana S.A, y subsidiarias 80,00%
Concretos Argos Dominicanos S.R.L 80,00%
Cementos de Caldas S.A. 99,63%
Agregados Argos S.A.S 52%
Colcaribe Holdings S.A 100%
Inmuebles Miraflores S.A 100%
Argos Ports LLC 99%
Supply Link LLC 99%