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Corporate Governance Code

Cementos Argos has a Corporate Governance Code aimed at adopting measures related to company governance, management practices, employee conduct, information handling, and public awareness of its management.

The code consists of six chapters, which explicitly declare the equitable treatment of shareholders and investors, respect for their rights, and regulation of relations with the market, various stakeholders, and the community at large. Thus, those interested in investing in the company’s securities can understand the commitments that management undertakes for the development of its management.

The Code promotes the transparent exercise of voting and strengthens the structure and functioning of the Board of Directors. Additionally, it creates value by establishing transparent and efficient management structures.

The contents of the Code are as follows:

  • Relations with Shareholders and Other Investors
  • Regulations for the Operation of the General Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Regulations for the Operation of the Board of Directors
  • Transparency, Fluidity, and Integrity of Information
  • Sustainability Policy – Stakeholders
  • General Provisions

The Code fully complies with applicable Colombian regulations and contains Corporate Governance practices as outlined by the Código País, included in the Basic Legal Circular of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia.