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Legal Representatives

The direct government of the Company is the responsibility of the Company CEO. The Company’s Legal Representation is the responsibility of the Company CEO and twelve (12) Principal Legal Representatives who may act separately. It corresponds to the Legal Representatives to exercise the following functions:

  • Represent the Company judicially and extra-judicially.
  • Execute the agreements of the Shareholders’ Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • Constitute judicial and extra-judicial representatives and delegate certain functions to them, within the legal limit.
  • Submit to the General Shareholders’ Assembly, in association with the Board of Directors a Management Report
  • Take care of the correct and effective investment of the Company’s funds; organize matters related to the social benefits of the personnel at the Company’s service, and ensure their timely payment; and – in general – direct and ensure that the tasks and activities related to the Corporate Purpose are carried out effectively.
  • If there is a business group, submit a special report in which the intensity of the existing economic relations between the Controlling Company or its Affiliates or Subsidiaries with the respective Controlled Company will be expressed.

Comply with and enforce the Good Governance Code. 11. Provide the market with timely, complete and truthful information on the financial situation and on the risks inherent to the Company’s activity

Legal representatives: