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Dear investor:

In order to simplify access to our services while ensuring your privacy, we have implemented an electronic mechanism that allows you to download your tax certificate.


Web Page

Download your tax certificate using your ID number and Deceval number.



You should have received two emails with instructions regarding:


1. Request a username

2. Procedure for change of password


Make sure you have your Deceval username and password at hand before accessing the page. Please click on the following link to download your tax certificate:

Deceval Investors

we recommend using Internet Explorer version 9 or higher.

When you access the website for the first time, the system will automatically ask you to change your password.


Shareholders’ Service Center Fiduciaria Bancolombia:

You can contact the Shareholders´ Service Center of Fiduciaria Bancolombia: Phone numbers:  444 7231 in Medellín, 742 1576 in Bogota or  01 8000 954 242 from the rest of Colombia


Do not have this information?

In case you require a username creation, or need to receive directly the tax certificate, your request will be processed through Deceval´s Shareholders channels:

National phone line:

Personalized attention through Deceval`s offices:

Address: Calle 24A # 59 - 42 Torre 3 6th floor Phone number: (1) 376 5460
Address: Carrera 43a No. 1-50, Torre 3, Office 301. SAN FERNANDO PLAZA (4) 311 7383

Or through a chat with Deceval:

In case you experience issues with this service, please contact us at