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As follows the website of the Colombian Financial Superintendency (“Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia”) entity that monitors and regulates the financial sector and stock market in Colombia: and of the Colombia Stock Exchange where the company is listed. 

Argos's Shares

  Common Share  Preferred Share
Shares outstanding 1.151.672.310 209.197.850
Shares repurchased 63.575.575 -
Nominal value (COP) $ 416 $ 416

Currently Argos has three types of ADRs that are traded OTC (Over The Counter):

ADR Level 1 common share

Ratio 1 ADR: 5 common shares
Symbol CMTOY
Exchange OTC
Eff Date October 20, 2008

ADR 144A and ADR Reg-Spreferred share

Ratio 1 ADR: 5 acciones ordinarias
Symbol N/A
Exchange OTC
Eff Date May 15, 2013

In order to obtain more information related to our ADRs, as follows the contact information at the Depositary Bank in USA that handles our ADRs programs (Bank of New York Mellon):

Michael Vexler

Relationship Manager - BNY Mellon - Depositary Receipts

Phone: (+1) (212) 815 2838