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The legal representation of the Company is entrusted in the CEO and twelve (12) Principal Legal Representatives which may act separately. Additionally, there will be four (4) Legal Representatives for Administrative and Legal Affairs and four (4) Legal Representatives for Labor Affairs. The following responsibilities correspond to the performance of the Principal Legal Representatives:

  • Representation of the Company in all legal matters.
  • Implementation of agreements established at the General Shareholders’ Meeting and at the Board of Directors.
  • Appointing and removing employees, as well as the definition of responsibilities and salaries.
  • Appointing individuals with judicial and extrajudicial power of attorney.
  • Implementation and negotiation of contracts in order to fulfill the Company’s corporate purpose and activities.
  • Presentation of management and performance reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure the right and effective investment of the Company’s resources.
  • In the event of the existence of business group activities, presentation of a special report which will express the intensity of the economic relationships between the holding company and its subsidiaries, with the correspondent controlled companies.
  • In case of purpose of increasing the authorized capital or decreasing the subscribed and paid capital, it is required to prepare a report in order to inform the reasons for such proposal.
  • Fulfill and enforce compliance of the Code of Good Governance. Provide the market with appropriate, complete and accurate information about the financial position and the risks inherent in the business carried out by theCompany.