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Some financial analysts make investment recommendations on the shares of Cementos Argos. These recommendations are made through coverage reports that analyze the Company’s environment and operations. Additionally, they set a target price for the share within a given date range. In order to establish this price each analyst uses a different methodology. The meaning of the recommendation made and the target price calculation methodology are described in their respective reports.

This is a list of financial analysts covering the shares of Cementos Argos. It may not be complete and is subject to changes. If you wish to know the investment recommendations on Cementos Argos’s shares that they have made, you may request them directly by telephone or electronic mail.

Company Name Email
Barclays Benjamin M. Theurer

BTG Pactual Gordon Lee

Credit Suisse Vanessa Quiroga

Goldman Sachs Marcio Prado

HSBC Eduardo Altamirano

Itaú BBA Daniel Sasson

JP Morgan Adrian Huerta

LarrainVial Luis Ramos Osorio

Morgan Stanley Nikolaj Lippmann

Nau Securities Luis Prieto

Santander Andres Soto

Scotiabank Francisco Suarez

Bank of America Carlos J. Peyrelongue

Company Name Email
Acciones y Valores Luisa Fernanda Diaz

AdCap Colombia William David Villán

BBVA Edgar Romero Garcia

Corpbanca Andrés Sánchez Franco

Credicorpcapital Carlos Enrique Rodríguez

Davivienda Corredores Angie Rodriguez

Global Securities Colombia Ricardo Andrés Sandoval

UltraSerfinco Esteban Eduardo Ceballos

Valores Bancolombia Germán Zúñiga